Power Generator Service in Effingham, IL

Your backup generator is there to ensure that you can power your lights, tools, and other necessities in the event of a utility outage. But if your generator isn’t working properly, you’re not ready for storm season. At Probst Refrigeration and Heating, Inc., we offer expert generator repair service in Effingham, IL.

Be Ready for Storm Season

It’s important to make sure your generator is operating properly. So if you discover a problem, the technicians at Probst Refrigeration and Heating, Inc. can help. We’ll quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and then get your generator back up and running in no time. Because we know you and your family count on your generator in the event of an emergency, we handle each and every repair with professionalism and attention to detail. You can trust us to do the job right while delivering the outstanding customer service you deserve.

Be sure you’re ready for whatever the weather brings. For expert generator repairs, call Probst Refrigeration and Heating, Inc. in Effingham, IL.

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